This Article, Death Note: An Ideal Never Dying, is property of Kakorat.

Death Note: An Ideal Never Dying is a fanfiction written by Kakorat. It details the possible events years after the death of Light Yagami. After the ordeal Ryuk had with Light Yagami, he decided that he had no more use for a human and left. The more he waited in the Shinigami Realm, the more he craved for excitement that he had been spoiled to and the extravagant taste of human world apples. He would return to the Earth someday and choose new Kira by randoly dropping his death note into the world.

Basic Plot

It's been years since Light Yagami has met his death at the hands of The Shinigami Ryuk and Nate Rivers using the codename of Near. Near continues to watch over the world in case of a case that only he can solve, or at least that's what the citizens of the world believe. Ryuk dropped his notebook in the human world and created a fake Kira in the form of Karo Tagame.

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