Death Note: A New Note features Ragnarok, a God of Death (a Shinigami) who presents a Death Note to a human named Christopher Pill. Christopher uses the Death Note in a more smarter way than Light Yagami. But, as he unveils much of the Note's secrets, he comes face to face with the greatest evil of all - Dark Yagami, the ghost of Light Yagami. Dark Yagami who is the Unnamed Shinigami who was featured in the Special Directors Cut, wishes to kill Christopher in order to return to Earth but he cannot do it without getting his hands on Christopher's note. The King of Shinigami tells Dark Yagami that if he is able to get back his [King's] Death Note from Ragnarok, he will grant him a life and will allow him to either ascend to Heaven or be reborn as a human. But Dark Yagami does not possess the Shinigami Eyes and therefore, is impossible to find out Christopher's name. But Dark Yagami has a Death Note with him. Will he finish off the criminals that were left by Light Yagami? Or will he finish off the whole world to seek vengeance? As unexpected deaths of both the innocent and guilty causes the police to the find out the murderer. But can they do it without L who is now, dead? L's successor Near leads the investigation to find out the Sixth Kira but will he succeed?

The story also features a special: Death Note: Mysteries of the Unnamed Shinigami. It features the Unnamed Shinigami (Dark Yagami) and how he became a Shinigami.

The story also has a movie planned and for the time being, it has been named as Death Note: The Gods of the New World, a story that goes back into the period when Light Yagami was alive, however, this story is set in an alternate timeline and shows us what would have happened if L hadn't contradicted.

Seasons of 'The New Note'

'The New Note features 6 Seasons with 6 episodes each.

The first season features the original Death Note Season 1 Song (Nightmare) but instead of the Anime Song, the featured opening song is the original album.

Season 1: The New Death Note


1. Ragnarok's Boredom

2. Rules of the Death Note (Exclusive for this story)

3. Stolen Death Note

4. Order of the King

5. Dark Yagami's New Chance

6. Adventure in the Human World

Season 2 ('Chosen' Human)


1. Finding the Death Note

2. Testing Powers

3. I am, Ragnarok

4. Ryuk is Back

5. Evil Grows Within Me!

6. Hot on Trail

Season 3 (The Sixth Kira)


1. Christopher's Evil Ways

2. Memories from the Past

3. Trade

4. Double Shinigami Eyes?

5. News reaches Near

6. I Will Find You!

Season 4 (Investigation)


1. Near's Theory

2. School Raid

3. Prime Suspect

4. Confined Within Bars

5. The Plan

6. Christopher's Been Found

Season 5 (Alliance)


1. A New Alliance

2. Dark Yagami and Christopher?

3. Criminals and Innocent

4. Christopher's Not Kira

5. Near's Confusion

6. 0% Criminals

Season 6 (Face Off)


1. Christopher's Life Span

2. Uncovered

3. Near vs. Christopher

4. Traitor

5. The Ware House

6. End

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