This Article, Death Eraser (DN 2 : Kira's Successor), is property of DarkHunter89.


I know, that the Death Eraser was only mentioned in the pilot chapter. But I really like the idea of a Death Eraser, so I decided to use it for my story.

Rules for the Death Eraser

I. If the name from a human in the DEATH NOTE, is erased with the Death Eraser, the human who was killed will come back to life.

II. If the body has been cremated, you won't be able to revive a person with the Death Eraser.

III. If a human finds a Death Eraser, he will be its rightful owner.

IV. If a human is killed a second time, he won't be able to come back to life.

V. If the body of the victim is buried, the person with the Death Eraser has to bury him out, so that he can bring him back to live.

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