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"'""This Kira is far stronger than the last Kiras. It looks like this one has the power to kill just by imagining."

~ Inspector Bee discussing his plans about Kira, with Near.

Featured In
Death Note: A New Note
Near's Theory
eldest son
8-year-old son

Bee is a supporting antagonist in the fanfiction Death Note: A New Note.


Bee is actually a Police Inspector working for NPA. After the Kira Investigation is successful, he is promoted to 'Police Superintendent.' He is teamed up with <CLASSIFIED> in both NPA and The Kira Investigation Squad. 'Bee' and 'Wasp' are actually code names given by Near. Bee's original name is <CLASSIFIED> After he obtains a <CLASSIFIED>, he shows it to Near and this helps him to reach into the Kira Case, further.


Bee has a wife and two sons, one a college student in To-Oh University. He joined To-Oh 2 years before the Kira Case. His second son is 8 years old.


Bee is hard and stern and austere. He avoids all inessential commodities and luxuries. <SPOILER ALERT>Even when Bee was give 10,000,000 yen as a reward for capturing Kira, he still lives in a simple 2-story house. Still, he is kind and sympathetic sometimes.

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