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Asa Amane is a character and the protagonist of the fanfiction Shatter ME! currently being published in FF.Net. She is Misa's older sister, she is a police officer, young member of the NPA, and a skilled behaviorist.


Asa is an independant, strong-willed woman, often stubborn and doesn't play well with others. She is prepared to take any measures necessary to catch a criminal. For her, there's people are either good, or criminals, no middle grounds, no grey areas, and that had brought her a lot of problems with her superiors.

She is a good leader, but her behaviour is often frowned upon by men, since she doesn't fit your ordinary stereotype of a japanese woman.

Physical appearance

Asa shares physical traits with her sister: blond long hair, and brown eyes. She has a slim built, and is about 160 cm.

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