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The Ambition Season is the second season of Death Note: Our Truths. It takes place after the Discovery Season and before the Truth Season. In this season, Haruki Kiryu and Near begin their cat and mouse game as Kira and L. Keen explores his options as a second Kira.

Theme SongsEdit

Opening Theme - Angel Terreste by Immediate Music

Closing Theme - Orchard Of Mines by Globus


Haruki Kiryu



Anthony Carter

Agent White

Agent Bell

Agent Hallow

Agent Brennen

Hideki Kiryu

Mikara Kiryu

Masumi Kiryu




With Kira's mission now in full swing, the SPK (the Special Provision for Kira) has its hands full. Kira has been tracked to Japan, by his own design. Here, Haruki Kiryu hopes to lure L and his team into a trap, so that he may kill them. Near is aware of this possibility, however. He remains hidden, using others as shields against Kira. And as the killings intensify within Japan, the SPK is forced to act, before it is fully ready.

At the same time, a mysterious man named Keen has come into possession of his own death note. While still unwilling to use it, his fortitude against this temptation is lessening. Even someone as anti-kira as Keen may decide to use the death note, if only to eliminate the worldwide killer.

If only he knew who that was.

Complete PlotEdit

Below is the complete dialogue and story for the Ambition Season:

Vacation Edit







Ambition (season finale)Edit


  • This is the only season which does not introduce any new characters.

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