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Aileen Osawa (Death Note Generations)
Also Known As
Otohime Eiko, Leen, O.
Blood Type
Date of Birth
April 15th, 1996
Date of Death
Diego Osawa (father)
Marie Faye Osawa (mother)
Lana Osawa Collins (aunt, deceased)
Lucas Collins (uncle, deceased)
Social Skills
Other Attribute
Sight: 8/10

Aileen Osawa is one of the protagonists from Death Note Generations. Aileen works on the FBI, posteriorly working with Near on the H.O.K. (Hunting the Organization Kirallers). She goes by the alias Otohime Eiko; because of the fact that Jun Atsushi (Death Note Generations) , the 7th Kira, kept on flirting with her, Near asked Aileen to pretend to date him in order to provide evidences to the "New Kira's Case". She's first seen in "Prologue", page 2.


Aileen, a young woman with 20 years old, has black hair and esmerald eyes. She also has a scar on the right corner of her lips. She's usually seen using an orange, long-sleeved blouse, jeans, dark boots and a long jaquet. She's always hiding her arms with her clothes.

Aileen 2

Aileen full body picture.


Aileen is portrayed as reserved, a bit selfish woman. However, she tries to be friendly and nice with kids and people who suffered in the past. It's said she didn't get along with her aunt Lana since Aileen was 8, but she refuses to tell anyone what happened for her to hate the woman. She only confesses to one of her friends - Daniel Larson - she had to pass by therapy after living with Lana for 4 years. It's also said that Aileen's aunt was one of Kira's victims.

She shows hatred whenever Jun is near. On the other hand, she clearly respects Aizawa, Matsuda, Near and Daniel, especially the last one. In a way, she understand Dan's family problems - his sister's now a clearly insane criminal. Feeling bad for him, she tries to brighten up his day a bit by supporting his plan of bringing her sanity back, even though she believes it's impossible.

Aileen and Naomi Misora were friends, but not so close. After Raye's death and Naomi's missing, Aileen decided to use her detective skills to track her down. In vain.


Aileen's seen inside the "Oh! Ol' Cafe" shop, talking to the barman Lee (who's actually the owner of the place). She's drinking a glass of wine as Jun enters the shop. He flirts with her and, irritated, she gets out of the building and goes to the direction of a truck. Inside, she talks to Heikat, the driver, about the Kirallers and the new info she got with Lee. Then, both heard at the radio their boss asking to go to the Central.

As they arrive there, Heikat and Aileen talk to him. He says they're now be working with new people to stop the Kirallers. They met Aizawa, Matsuda, Mogi, Daniel and, later, L (Near).


  • Certain characters take on stylized hair colors while the viewer hears their thoughts; Aileen's color is green.
  • The name Aileen means "light", and Osawa "patience".
  • Aileen's theme A is named "Secret Suffering" and is a remix of the "Letters from Nowhere's Main Theme". It can be heard here: [1]

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