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Ailee is America's #1 Police Detective, she goes to Japan to help with the kira investigation. She's Misa's cousin and also use to be a child model.


Ailee is a slim average height woman with medium-long black hair and blue eyes. Ailee's attire consitst of black skirts,shorts and leather pants, and various tops. She mostly wears heels but also wears boots from time to time. As a child she mostly wore lolita styled clothing along with various dresses.


Ailee is very conservative, not many people know what she looks like and she rarely talks to anyone outside her personal circle considering she's never left outside her home since she was brought there. Only her family and trusted advisers know her real name everyone else simply refers to her as Suzuki Jung. Ailee is very intellegent and isn't afraid to show she is, she tends to use very big words and take every option into consideration and guesses every outcome of a situation. Ailee is very skilled in combat having learned various types of martial arts, she is also know to be handy with a gun. She's also very cunning and able to use it to her advantage, as she is known to be able to trick people into teling her what she wants or acting as if she's a normal inoccent civilian. She can also make a weak minded person crack under pressure. She is also know to be very blunt and a little too honest. Her ethnicity is 50% white 25% Korean and 25% Japanese.


Ailees mother had left her with her mentor as she was in a state of danger at the time and couldn't risk her only daughter getting hurt after she had just lost her husband, Ailee basically lived 7 years of her life at the Wammy house where she became close to a grandfather like figure Watari. Ailee rarely talked to any other the children and mostly kept to herself. When Ailee was 7 her mother came to the orphanage and got her daughter and took her to America with her. There Ailee met her mother's new husband who would be her step father and a 3 month old half sister. For about 6 months Ailee didn't talk to anyone not even her mother but she eventually opened up. Over the period of 3 years Ailee and her mother were always together, her mother taught her how to fight and various martial arts and the basic skills needed to be a detective. Whenever Ailees mother was busy with work Ailee would study on her detective skills as well as school work, seeing as she was home school by many of the greatest teachers from North America and Asia and this made her very intelligent. She also learned many languages and sports and quite a few things from highly skilled police officers. One day 10 year old Ailee and her mom were out for a walk when several men came up to them and forced them into a van as they drove off to a warehouse. All the other men left except one who started talking to Ailee's mom about something he then pulled out a gun and shot her, Ailee's mom quickly pulled out a piece of paper and wrote something down on it before she fell to the ground. As the man was about to shoot at Ailee he stopped and also fell to the ground. Ailee rushed to her mom's side as her mom gave her the paper and told her she needed to write down the names of the people she was about to say. Ailee did as she was told and then ripped up the paper as her mom told her is was special paper that killed people and how she got it from a friend as she was slowly dying. With her last breaths she told Ailee that she wanted her to take over her job and watch over her little sister. As her mom died Ailee started to sob she then grabbed her mothers cell phone and called her step father telling him to come quickly and that her mom was dead. At her moms funeral Ailee had met her cousin Misa for the first time and they got along very well after that. Over the period of 11 years Ailee had taken over her mother job as a detective and even use her mother's Ailias "Suzuki Jung" as she solved crimes under cover just as her mom had done, and she finished her colllege course of home schooling at the age of 19 and teaching her sister everything her mother had taught her so when she got older she could run both her mom and dad's jobs. One day had just finished talking to her step dad when she got a call that she need to meet someone some where at 7 that night. She did and kept everything in mind her mother had ever taught her about how to counter attack an attacker. When Ailee got there she was very shocked to see that the man had held her step father hostage. The man and Ailee had an arguement and Ailee procceded to kick the man in his face sending him to the floor, she then procceded to free her step father and leave the place but not before the man could shoot her step father multiple times as he fell to the floor saying the same thing her mother said "protect your sister" at that moment Ailee flew into a fit of rage and pulled out a gun an shot the man multiple times in the chest possibly hitting every organ in his body before she stopped and realized what she had done, she then broke down into tears. She then had to explain to the police what happened and they didn't charge her with anything due to the fact that her step father was the chief of all the poilce forces in America. At the funeral as her sister sob over her fathers death she comforted her and told her she had something very important to tell her. A few days later Ailee explained to her sister that she was leaving her in charge and going to Japan to clear her mind and visit her cousin who she had foundout was living in Japan. Her sister didn't ask anything and just accepted it. Before Ailee left she made sure that her sister had very secure security and set up a special webcam that allowed them to chat. When Ailee got to Japan she immedeiatly went to a physcologist so she could go through mental therapy, the doctors tried to keep her inside the hospital so her condition wouldn't worsen but Ailee always seemed to find a way to escape but was always found and brought back. After a few months of being there she was finally released.


Ailee ran into Misa(and Matsuda) just an hour after leaving the hospital, Misa (thinking Ailee had just arrived to Japan) asked her to stay with her so they could hang out, Ailee of course accepted. When Ailee went to the Headquaters of the task force she didn't stop for introductions and followed Misa to her room and put her stuff down, Misa then grabbed her hand and led her down stairs again to introduce her to the task force. Everyone greeted her kindly but Ailee's eyes were caught on the 2 men handcuffed together. After she told the men who she was and what she did they immediately asked for her help on the Kira case and she accepted. Ailee proved very helpful with the investigation and with Misa's carrer and when she met Watari again L become very interested in her and tried to learn more about her life as Suzuki dispite Watari telling him her real name. Throughout the investigation of the Kira case Ailee developed feelings for L as he reminded her of a boy at the wammt house. When the investigation was over Ailee began to feel werid and one day it started to rain and she went to go look for Watari, when she found him she gave him a hug and when he asked why she simply replied "I don't know, today feels like a weird day." She the procceded look for L but couldn't find him, she went outside with an umbrella into the rain and found him and light talking and told them to come in or they'd get sick. After a while she went to talk to L in private and told him that today was a werid day in which he replied "I guess you're right." Later that day along with everyone else watched as they heard Watari die, she stood there shocked and said "Not again." at that moment everyone was panicing and L was telling everyone to be calm and then he became silent and fell to the ground with Light holding him. She fell on her knees next to him with widened eyes has he slowly closed his eyes. When everyone started panicing again she started hysterically crying and yelled at Light to get his hands off of him as she went to hold him. After Light had taken over the role of L she couldn't take it anymore and went to the old HQ where L and Watari died and went to the pool. There she called Misa and appologized and told her to not look for her. She then called her sister and told her that she'd never see her again. The last thing she heard on the phone was the sound of her sister crying and saying that she understands, she then hung up the phone and fell into the pool drowning herself as thoughts of everyone who had died and her sister and Misa rushed into her head before she died.


  • Ailee became very cold and distant with every death that happened.
  • Ailee is related to Misa on her mothers side.
  • Ailees father had died a few days after she had been born.
  • Ailees half sister was 15 when she was left in charge, Ailee was 21.
  • (I didn't include everything that was suppose to be in the paragraphs so deal with it.)

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