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Debut Death Note: OT "Rising" Chapter 6
Birthday March 12, 1976
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as SPK #6
(real name) Lukas Bauer
Sign Pisces
Age (at start of Our Truths) 46
Status at debut Member of the SPK
Relations Commander Rester
others members of SPK
Knowledge 8/10
Conceptualization Power 5/10
Will to act 7/10
Motivation 9/10
Social Skills 6/10

"Eh? What if Kira is hiding his personal kills with methods other than heart attacks?"

— Agent Brennen

Agent Brennen is a character featured in Death Note: Our Truths. As his name suggests, he is one of the active members of the SPK, under leadership of Near and Commander Rester. His specific place in the story is as one of the Agents following the Kira case. Besides that, his vast experience as a detective in Germany has lead to him be a semi-famous life, and culminating in his adding to the SPK members list.



Agent Brennen is of german descent. Besides that, he is also older than the rest of the SPK agents. Appearance wise, he has grey eyes. His hair is brown, but he is mostly bald. He also has a mustache, but no beard. He is slightly overweight, but it's not too noticable. He is only a few inches taller than Agent Bell.


Agent Brennen is the most senior member of the agents, and as such acts as their leader (when the four are left alone). Normally, he is used to a schedule, a pattern of actions and this is thrown off when he added to the SPK. He has a very keen wit, and can deduce many things that other can't, partly because of his experiences in his native Germany. He also jokes more requently than the others, which is strange.


Our Truths

Agent Brennen's previous job, before the SPK, was as a German investigator/detective. There he was quite successful. Commander Rester then had no trouble picking Brennen for his force. Upon joining, Brennen immediately helps to pin Kira to Japan. Brennen also has a fascination with how Kira kills, thinking that there it is possible that Kira kills by other means, when killing people that mean something to him. This becomes his primary focus in the case. From there on, he works with the rest of the SPK in their hunt to catch Kira.


  • Agent Brennen's alias is based on his German ancestry, as well as his raw intellect.
  • Agent Brennen is the last of the Agents introduced in Our Truths.

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