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Debut Death Note: Our Truths "Rising" Chapter 6
Birthday January 28, 1987
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as SPK #4
(real name) Ling Zhu
Sign Aquarius
Age (at start of Our Truths) 35
Status at debut Member of the SPK
Relations Commander Rester
Other members of SPK
Knowledge 7/10
Conceptualization Power 8/10
Will to act 5/10
Motivation 6/10
Social Skills 8/10

"You give it whatever fancy name you want. I still say you're a murderer, Mr. Kira."

— Agent Bell

Agent Bell is a character featured in Death Note: Our Truths. She, like all other SPK members, goes by her alias, "Bell", to protect against Kira's ability to kill. As with most members of the SPK, she is a new acquisition by Commander Rester. Her speciality is language and culture comparisions/deductioning, where she uses her experience to deduce what culture a criminal is from, and what could be expected because of that. Her invaluable abilities also play a crucial role in the new Kira case.



Agent Bell is of chinese descent. In addition, she is very short, and petite. Her overall look is very ordered and neat, and her hair is short. She also wears glasses. Overall, he appearance is not very noteworthy, as she looks like an average woman. Her specialties come more from her mind


Bell's personality is in stark contrast to White's. She is very critical of Kira, and very impatient. She is also loud, sometimes screaming to get her point across. Her energetic nature is something that Near finds amusing, yet beneficial to the SPK's well-being. As her role goes on, and her character develops more, her personality looses a bit of it's impatientness, but she always remains critical and unafraid of Kira... even when meeting him face to face.


Our Truths

Like the other members of the new SPK (besides Hallow), Bell is introduced to Near onboard his private jet. She is the second one to be added to the new SPK, due to her expertise in pinning down suspects based on their culture and dialects. Her use is found almost immediately when she helps Near narrow down Kira to Japan. From there on, she works with the rest of the SPK in their hunt to catch Kira.


  • Agent Bell's alias is based off of her real name, which means "Bell" in chinese.
  • Agent Bell's birthday is the same day that Light Yagami was killed.

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