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(Note from me:)

This is my next project after I finished DN 2 : Kira's Successor.


(This story takes place after a alternate ending)

Light Yagami, Kira is dead. When he was concerned, and beaten because of Teru Mikamis mistake, he tried to kill Near only to be shot by Matsuda. But he managed to kill Near by writing his name in a scrap of paper with his blood. But it was already to late. Light escaped, and was shortly killed by Ryuk, who then killed the SPK, and the japanese Task Force, since he planed to return to earth, and so he killed everyone who knew about the death note, after Light killed Near, so that it would be more fun, for a new Kira to arise. When Ryuk returned to the shinigami realm, he met a mysterious shinigami. Could it be Light? The shinigami then traveled down to earth. A person who was a former student from wammys house, begun to use the death note to kill off criminals. Will he succeed, where Light Yagami failed? Then. There are six death note users in the world. Everyone wants to kill the other. But... Who will win? One of the Kiras, or Near's successor?



J is the one who uses the death note first. He thinks like Light Yagami, and begins to kill off criminals. He's a brillant former student from wammys house. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes and is 182cm tall.


S was also a former student from wammys house. She's a arrogant narcisstic young woman, with blonde hair, green eyes and a figure like a model.


Q is the youngest Kira, with only 19 years old, he left wammys house. He is 175cm tall, and has dark red hair.

Beatrice Simmons

A attractive woman, who uses the death note, to get more money, by killing off several business men.

Steve Trevor

A brillant young man, who uses his death note to kill off less intelligent people. He is one of the most dangerous minds among the Kiras.

Alexander Fornell

Coming soon...

Season One:

This season focuses how the former wammys hous student, J, begins to kill off criminals.

Coming soon...

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